Gift delivery to more than 200 countries


How can you deliver to more than 200 countries? There aren't that many in the world.

Short answer: We’re using a more liberal definition of the term “country” than most official entities.

The world is a tricky place, and figuring out how many countries are in it is often a question of who you’re asking. Has the U.N. officially recognized a place’s borders? Does it have its own FIFA team for the World Cup? Do the people living there just call their region a country, and most other people follow suit? What about places where political strife results in entirely new governments?

Mapmakers tend to recognize, and draw borders around, 195 sovereign states or ‘countries’ in the world. Many also include Taiwan, so that brings the number to 196. Politicians, on the other hand, may also include De Facto Independent States (like Somalia) in their definition; doing this results in a count of 204 countries.

Sporting officials also have their own ways of counting countries. FIFA, the folks responsible for deciding whose teams are eligible for the World Cup, counts a total of 209 countries since they count England, Ireland, and others as their own countries.

For gift delivery purposes at, though, we're using a blend of these based mostly on postal regions. To ensure that your gifts avoid shipping hassles, we maintain GBO brand regional managers inside the borders of even loosely defined countries.

That's the secret: No sleight-of-hand with the number of countries, or playfully re-defining the world's borders; we're just keeping it simple to show you all the places it's possible to send your gifts around the world.

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