Maxie Media International Success Story


Maxie Media Success Story
Expanding International Business Opportunities with Corporate Gift Giving


As a media consultant, Leslie Maxie of Maxie Media ensures that her clients are able to master their media. She trains people from executives to athletes in the skills they need to perfect their companies’ media whether they need to deliver a one-time keynote speech or are the face of their brand, and that’s just one part of a job that also includes content creation and doing what she teaches. Since she’s in the business of making other people look and sound good, Leslie, and her company’s image, must always be impeccable.

So when Leslie met with the International Olympic Committee and heard they were interested in starting their own channel, she saw the opportunity of a lifetime: “As an Olympian myself, I thought it would be great to work with them on Olympic content. Any opportunity to strengthen my relationship with them would be a good thing, and there was not going to be a second chance,” she said.

So Leslie called


Maxie Media needed a catalyst to move stalled communications forward, and wanted to try a loyalty campaign that would impress the Olympic Committee; specifically Leslie needed:

  • Culturally appropriate, exquisite gifts for members of the Olympic Committee to share,
  • Gifts delivered in two separate locations,
  • The gifts to arrive in beautiful, ready-to-enjoy condition within a small delivery window, and
  • The packaging had to reflect Maxie Media’s message exactly, and leave a positive impression of her brand.


Leslie downloaded’s Bulk Order Form and worked with Katherine Moore, one of GBO’s long-time corporate gift specialists. The Bulk Order Form allowed Leslie to place all her orders at once. In less than two hours, Leslie’s gifts were chosen, her message ready for each gift card, her invoice generated, and the order was completely – and securely – processed.

As Leslie said, “I love the spreadsheet that you guys use for ordering, and the correspondence from the company was just great. I’ve had my credit card compromised doing international business with other companies before, but your billing made me feel secure that things were going the way they were supposed to.


The gifts arrived on the same date as scheduled, and Leslie’s recipients loved them! The Olympic Committee emailed Leslie to thank her for her generous gifts. As she said, “I was able to send an update for the content, and we were able to continue the conversation.” After work had stalled at the contract stage, GBO’s gifts became the personalized boost that pushed the project forward.

Final Word helped me strengthen and expand my international business relationships. Constant contact [from my gift specialist] made the process feel personalized. I really appreciate it, and it gave me a feeling of comfort.” – Leslie Maxie, Founder & CEO of Maxie Media



It's never too early to consider gifting as a relationship building for overseas partners.'s Corporate Gift Specialists are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, ready to help companies of all sizes re-create Maxie Media’s relationship building success. They can be reached by email at: [email protected] or by phone at 1-888-673-2822.

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